[Rpcemu] filetyping quirk

Peter van der Vos peterthuis at kitt.nl
Sat May 29 13:30:15 PDT 2010

Op 29 mei 2010, om 19:33 heeft Jim Lesurf het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> I've been experimenting with trying out various applications, etc,  
> and have
> noticed a quirk which may be a bug (?)
> Using TechWriter 8.42 if I save a new document to hostfs it fails to  
> be
> filetyped as 'EasiDoc'. Appears as text. If I look at it with the  
> Linux
> filer then, as you'd suspect, there is no ",xxx" addition to the  
> filename.
> Using the RO filer I can give the file the 'EasiDoc' filetype and it  
> is
> such a document, not text.
Using RPCEmu v0.8.6 on a Mac a lot I also no something strange. From  
the RO filer I can change the filetype in anything RISCOS recognise  
except filetype text. It just doesn't work. I can save a new file as  
text but can not change it to text, not even when selecting two files,  
the first one text, the second an other type and changing them both to  
But, only on HostFS. It seems to work OK on the 'normal' ADFS type of  
Harddisc (which I hardly use because it not as robust as writing to  

Peter V
Peter van der Vos
peterthuis at kitt.nl

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