[Rpcemu] Patch: Remove a duplicate "not implemented" check in hostfs.s.

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sat May 29 15:58:12 PDT 2010


Another patch from last year, updated to today's source.

    The test to see if the native hostfs implementation returned with r9
    set to 255 to indicate "not implemented" was duplicated.  Remove one
    of them.

The deleted test isn't required.  255 is >= 0xb0 so hostfs_error is
branched to.  The first thing that does is check r0, which now holds the
same as r9, to see if it's 255, branching to not_implemented if so.


diff -r 02cb887ed259 riscos-progs/HostFS/hostfs.s
--- a/riscos-progs/HostFS/hostfs.s	Sat May 29 14:15:29 2010 +0100
+++ b/riscos-progs/HostFS/hostfs.s	Sat May 29 23:54:29 2010 +0100
@@ -298,9 +298,6 @@ fs_func:
 	mov	r9, #6
 	swi	ArcEm_HostFS
-	teq	r9, #255
-	beq	not_implemented
 	cmp	r9, #0xb0
 	movhs	r0, r9

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