[Rpcemu] Basic questions

Jim Lesurf jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk
Thu Oct 28 01:51:26 PDT 2010

Hi, I've been writing a series on rpcemu for Archive. This has, alas, been
rather slow in appearing due to the slow <ahem> production cycle of the
magazine.  :-)  So the articles in the pipeline at present use 0.8.6 (or
before). I'd like to write an update or arrange for a footnote to the next
one to appear to try and bring things up to date. Hence I'd welcome some
answers to the following questions so I can ensure the magazine contents
are more in touch with the present!

BTW I've tried using the http: address in the sigs added to mailing list
postings and it seems broken. Does the mail list sig need changing?

What is the current best web address for new users to be directed to in
order to learn how to install rpcemu (0.8.8?) on Linux, etc?

Is the same address where to get the relevant files?

Does it provide detailed instructions?

The idea here is to give someone totally new to rpcemu a good starting

Also, are there instructions, etc, for someone like myself who has been
using 0.8.6 and wants to try 0.8.8. (Again on Linux in my case, but the
question is general.) In particular on how (if possible) to setup 0.8.8.
and transfer all the user specific items from 0.8.6. to save going though
the same initial process. I plan to do this when I can, but again, some
info would be useful for me, and then for the magazine.

FWIW On an indivudual basis I've been reading the 0.8.8. threads, etc, but
I've been very busy with something else. So I've been postponing trying out
0.8.8. until my 'round tuits' arrived. They may come sometime soon, now -
unless aced by something else!  ;->



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