[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.8.7

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 03:10:26 PDT 2010

RISC OS 4.39 and the new RPCEmu 0.8.7

Interesting little something that's happened with this version.

On either a RO 4.02 install or 4.39 with 0.8.7 running the show, HostFS is
not openable from RISC OS, the hourglass just runs and runs with no escape.

Again on either RO 4.02 or 4.39, application windows displays it seems are
not working correctly.

A good example is Imp Publisher.
Run Publisher to icon bar, click to open a window.
Click or try a manual resize with the manual resize tool button, bottom
right of window.
Here is just auto forces the window into a narrow horizontal strip.

Same also happens with other apps like Edit, Draw etc.

It doesn't happen with 0.8.6

At present the resolution is, Click the Auto resize button Top right,
thereafter that window is also manually resizeable.

I did wonder if it was anything to do with the hostOS Windows 7, but I
also have test installs on XP and the same behaviour is there as well.



Dave Triffid

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