[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.8.7

Roel Wagenaar roel at familie-wagenaar.nl
Thu Sep 2 12:48:03 PDT 2010

Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:

> RISC OS 4.39 and the new RPCEmu 0.8.7
> Interesting little something that's happened with this version.
> On either a RO 4.02 install or 4.39 with 0.8.7 running the show, HostFS is not
> openable from RISC OS, the hourglass just runs and runs with no escape.
> Again on either RO 4.02 or 4.39, application windows displays it seems are not
> working correctly.
> A good example is Imp Publisher. Run Publisher to icon bar, click to open a
> window. Click or try a manual resize with the manual resize tool button,
> bottom right of window. Here is just auto forces the window into a narrow
> horizontal strip.
> Same also happens with other apps like Edit, Draw etc.
> It doesn't happen with 0.8.6
> At present the resolution is, Click the Auto resize button Top right,
> thereafter that window is also manually resizeable.
> I did wonder if it was anything to do with the hostOS Windows 7, but I also
> have test installs on XP and the same behaviour is there as well.
> Dave

I can confirm this behaviour on linux too.

With this version my hostfs home disk also dissapeared.

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