[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.8.7

Steffen Huber steffen at huber-net.de
Sat Sep 4 12:26:36 PDT 2010

> OK there's one further caveat that I've been able to finally quantify. 
> This may be of use to Stefan Huber too.

It is "Steffen", but I'm used to it ;-)

> In an aparent windows bug, it appears that the bridge interface created 
> (when you selected the two interfaces and clicked 'Bridge Connections') 
> *doesn't* work properly after a Host System reboot.
> As such, each time you boot the machine, delete the existing network 
> bridge (in 'network connections') and recreate it, before running RPCEmu.

Deleted the bridge, recreated the bridge, everything works. Amazing.

Now that you have solved this riddle, I guess I have to post my
rather long "RPCemu wishlist" ;-)


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