[Rpcemu] BeagleBoard XM and RISC OS

Tim Powys-Lybbe tim at powys.org
Tue Sep 14 16:38:02 PDT 2010

On 13 Sep at 21:54, svrsig <chris at svrsig.org> wrote:

> RISC OS is now running on the Beagleboard XM. Compatible hardware and
> software is identified on the RISC OS Open website. Here's a picture
> http://www.svrsig.org/BB2.jpg to prove it!

Excellent and on RISC OS 5.1x too.  And the case looks neat too.

500M RAM, 1 GHz and a mere 179 dollars.  Sounds like a real replacement
for a Iyonix for doing Big Graphics work.  Yummy!

I wonder if the board will be developed to do larger graphics?	

Many thanks for the info.

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