[Rpcemu] rpcemu 0.8.7 and ro4.39 boot fix

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 22:26:25 PDT 2010

In article <d270d75751.old_coaster at old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>,
   Tony Moore <old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> RPCEmu 0.8.7 / RO 4.39 / Windows Vista

> It has been noted elsewhere that the RO 4.39 boot sequence hangs, after
> the NetSetUp line. The problem appears to be caused by line 48 in
> !Boot.Resources.!Internet.!Run which seeks to RMEnsure AppleTalk. If
> that line is commented-out, the boot sequence completes normally.

> Here, RO 4.39 now runs on RPCEmu 0.8.7 and the network is configured as
> described in the Networking Guide. *ifconfig -a leads to the expected
> result, The netsh configuration has been applied to the Vista network
> bridge, and the Vista firewall has been configured to except RPCEmu.

> Nevertheless, networking doesn't work - it's not possible to ping the
> router. Can anyone please suggest how to find out what may be wrong?

> Tony

I can confirm Tony's observation and solution to the 4.39 boot sequence
hang, so I've now been able to reverse all my hacking to get it to proceed
past that hang point.

Well done that man...

As to the Vista thing, sorry I have no idea, as since the additional
configs posted for Win 7, it also now works okay with RPCEmu and

Vista always was a dog poo of an OS.



Dave Triffid

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