[Rpcemu] Mac feedback

me at davidglover.org me at davidglover.org
Tue Sep 21 08:48:10 PDT 2010

Been trying out RPCEmu 0.8.6 for OS X. The emulation is great, but I have a bunch of feedback.

(I'm sure a lot of this is known already, but I thought I'd mention everything just in case.)

- While running, it uses 100% of one CPU core all the time. Not good for laptop battery life.

- Only the StrongARM CPU type works, but this isn't the default.

- Sound "works", but everything plays back very slowly, with fuzzy noise.

- No full-screen option.

- The mouse sometimes doesn't "take" if you bring the window to the front by clicking on it - but it always works if you click the dock icon instead.

And one feature request:

- Can there be an option to swap the middle and right mouse buttons? This would allow you to menu-click on laptops without using an external mouse.

...despite this, I've been really enjoying playing around with this, so I hope development continues. :)

-David Glover

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