[Rpcemu] Mac feedback

Francis Devereux francis at devrx.org
Sun Sep 26 14:25:50 PDT 2010

On 21 Sep 2010, at 16:48, me at davidglover.org wrote:

> Been trying out RPCEmu 0.8.6 for OS X. The emulation is great, but I have a bunch of feedback.

Are you using the GUI version (from http://www.devrx.org/software/rpcemu/rpcemu-spoon-0.8.6-fjd-bin.zip) or did you compile a version that runs from the command line yourself?

> (I'm sure a lot of this is known already, but I thought I'd mention everything just in case.)
> - While running, it uses 100% of one CPU core all the time. Not good for laptop battery life.

This is an issue in all versions of RPCEmu as far as I know.  I remember some discussions about reducing idle CPU usage but I don't think a stable solution was found.  If something has been implemented on Linux and/or Windows let me know and I'll see if it can be applied to the Mac port.

> - Only the StrongARM CPU type works, but this isn't the default.

The other ones work for me (just tested ARM610 in 0.8.6), can you be more specific?

> - Sound "works", but everything plays back very slowly, with fuzzy noise.

This should be fixed in the recently-released 0.8.8.

> - No full-screen option.

I tried to add this a while ago but got stuck.  If anyone can gets this to work then patches would be welcome!

> - The mouse sometimes doesn't "take" if you bring the window to the front by clicking on it - but it always works if you click the dock icon instead.

Yes, another workaround is to move the mouse outside the window and then back into it.

> And one feature request:
> - Can there be an option to swap the middle and right mouse buttons? This would allow you to menu-click on laptops without using an external mouse.

Good idea.  It might be better for me to hold off on implementing this until after my changes are merged into the main source code repository, because implementing it would probably involve changing core code.  (Peter/Matthew, please let me know if you have any thoughts on this).

> ...despite this, I've been really enjoying playing around with this, so I hope development continues. :)

Good :)  Development does continue, although not at a lightning pace because I can't spend all that much time on it at the moment.


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