[Rpcemu] Getting started with RPCEmu for Mac OS

Chris Wraight cdwraight at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 27 06:00:27 PDT 2010


I'm trying to get going with the new 0.8.8 binary for Mac OS X. I downloaded the 
application and put it into my Applications directory. I downloaded a copy of 
the IOMD build of RISC OS 5.17 linked to from 
http://www.marutan.net/rpcemu/ro5.html, and copied the 'dUI300-00' file into 
'/Library/Application Support/RPCEmu/roms'. I then downloaded the 
self-extracting Hard Disc image from the ROOL site and copied the file 
'HardDisc4.util' to '/Library/Application Support/RPCEmu/hostfs'.

On running the RPCEmu app, the emulator window opens, flashes white, then clears 
to a black screen with the message 'Error: DataAbort:Abort on data transfer at 
&FC0405F4 (Error number &80000002)', followed on the next line by the '*' prompt 
and a flashing cursor. The window won't take the mouse (the pointer jumps to the 
bottom-left corner, though I can drag the title bar), and no keyboard input is 

I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.4 on a new Mac mini. The error log is:

Build: 32-bit binary
Compiler: GCC version 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5664)
OS: SysName = Darwin
OS: Release = 10.4.1
OS: Version = Darwin Kernel Version 10.4.1: Wed May 12 21:36:54 PDT 2010; 
OS: Machine = i386
Allegro version ID: Allegro 4.4.1, MacOS X
Host Colour Depth: 32
loadconfig: network_type = "off"
loadconfig: mouse_following = "1"
loadconfig: cdrom_type = "0"
loadconfig: cdrom_enabled = "1"
loadconfig: blit_optimisation = "0"
loadconfig: refresh_rate = "60"
loadconfig: stretch_mode = "0"
loadconfig: sound_enabled = "0"
loadconfig: vram_size = "2"
loadconfig: cpu_type = "ARM610"
loadconfig: mem_size = "16"
initpodulerom: Successfully loaded '.DS_Store' into podulerom
initpodulerom: Successfully loaded 'hostfs,ffa' into podulerom
initpodulerom: Successfully loaded 'hostfsfiler,ffa' into podulerom
Request for unhandled I2C device 00
Request for unhandled I2C device 68

I assume I've just done something very stupid with installation, though I did 
try to follow the instructions to the letter. Grateful for any help, and for 
development of this app.



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