[Rpcemu] RO5.17 (was Getting started with RPCEmu for Mac OS)

Chris Wraight cdwraight at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 29 04:32:18 PDT 2010

Thanks Adny,


[snip instructions]
> A) Back to the desktop; move the contents of  "HostFS::$.HardDisc4" into 
> the root of HostFS (cancel any error about "no  Boot application has been 
> run on startup...")
> B) Shutdown  (Ctrl-Shift-F12)
> C) Reset the RPC (Ctrl+End, File>Reset)
> D) Say  "Cool."

Now, I've *no idea* what I did wrong last time, but I deleted RPCEmu and all its 
Application Support files from my system, and started again. I'm sure I followed 
the instructions correctly last time, but perhaps something do to with the 
.DS_Store issue caused a lingering problem. In any case, after reinstalling 
everything, I got to a working desktop!

> * cpu_type ARM610 +  recompiler => Gives an abort on data transfer at 
> &FC141D5C at step 3,  but Cancelling that error allows me to continue. 
> Step D is instead replaced  with the recurring 'ofla' error box after the 
> RO5 splash screen.

I'm not sure how to switch between recompiler and interpreter on the Mac OS 
build, but using ARM610 certainly gives me the 'ofla' error. Using SA110 solves 
the problem.

I'll be testing out RPCEmu over the next few days, and will post any errors 
encountered here. But *many thanks* to the RPCEmu team, including Francis for 
the Mac OS port. The hard work is much appreciated.



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