[Rpcemu] RPCemu v0.8.8 (compared to v0.8.3) on Mac OS

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Thu Sep 30 01:49:34 PDT 2010

In article ,
   David Pitt  wrote:
> Dave Symes  wrote:

> > 
> > And the blank email said what?

> It was not blank here but it was rewndered as HTML, with MessengerPro
> 2.66.0 (Gemini as was) on Mac OS X.

> This stuff :-

> --===============1884340141== Content-Type: text/html; charset="UTF-8"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

> PERJViBzdHlsZT0iZm9udC1mYW1pbHk6QXJpYWwsIHNhbnMtc2VyaWY7IGZvbnQtc2l6ZToxM> HB0

So what you are saying is:

The posting from the list you received was *not* a blank with two

It was here, the Viewer window opened in Pluto was *without* text.
It did however have two attachments.

Doing a Shift+Ctrl+G in Pluto usually renders a stupid HTML posting in a
readable form, this did not.
It presented as you noted, in Base64 which is all rather pointless in a
text based Mailing list.

Yes I do know how to convert it, but if people have bad enough manners to
post HTML in a Text environment... The rest need to remain unsaid as the
GM is not allowed out of prison these days.

I'm beginning to understand where Druck was coming from.


Dave Triffid

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