[Rpcemu] RPCemu v0.8.8 (compared to v0.8.3) on Mac OS

Stuart Spambin at argonet.co.uk
Thu Sep 30 02:25:19 PDT 2010

In article <515ec851f7dave at triffid.co.uk>,
   Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:

> It was here, the Viewer window opened in Pluto was *without* text.
> It did however have two attachments.

> Doing a Shift+Ctrl+G in Pluto usually renders a stupid HTML posting in a
> readable form, this did not.
> It presented as you noted, in Base64 which is all rather pointless in a
> text based Mailing list.

I just saved the attachment and then loaded it into Fresco. No other
conversion was necessary. I was not aware of Shift+Ctrl+G.

Stuart Winsor

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