[Rpcemu] Well really.

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Thu Nov 3 04:17:57 PDT 2011

I'm going to have a moan, a moan about RPCEmu which is a bit to blame and
Virtual RISC PC who are also to blame.
Ignore my moan if you wish, but I need to assuage my pain...

I'm doing this a day or so after, which enabled me to put GD back in his

I've been again playing with RPCEmu (Spoon) 0.8.8 and ROOL RO 5.17 (I have
a number of working version of RPCEmu running various other versions of RO)

Did all the networking stuff required on the RO side, and on the Win side
re-bridged the network connection, and it worked and networked okay.
(I wonder why the Bridging was disconnected?)

Played with all that for a few days, and achieved what I wanted.

Weekend arrived, so end of the month business paperwork needed sorting,
that done, prepared to back it all up to the VRPC mirror of this real
SARPC I have on a PC.

Ah but could I get VRPC to run, not ...king likely, and I couldn't fathom
it out for a while, until I remembered, VRPC authenticates itself with the
MAC of the Network card of the machine it's installed on... but
re-connecting the bridge changes all that, so the thing thinks it's
installed on another unregistered machine.

Obviously once I remembered this, and re-remembered why I'd disconnected
the rpcemu bridge in the first place, then disconnected it, VRPC came back
into action.

Moan 1) Why oh why RPCEmu, are you using this method of network
connection, which granted (VRPC aside) Works reasonably okay on XP, but is
a PITA and a half on W7... Particularly as the VRPC networks  on either XP
or W7 without messin' up anything else.

Moan 2) Wish VRPC would find some other solution to securing their IPR as
the present method can be a PITA, not only in this situation, but others
as well.

Moan over and I feel better, not that it makes any difference, nothing
about it will change, it never does.



Dave Triffid

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