[Rpcemu] Well really.

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Thu Nov 3 23:45:50 PDT 2011

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   Richard Walker <richardwalker at letterboxes.org> wrote:

> On 3 Nov 2011, at 11:17, Dave Symes wrote:

> > Moan 1) Why oh why RPCEmu, are you using this method of network
> > connection, which granted (VRPC aside) Works reasonably okay on XP,
> > but is a PITA and a half on W7... Particularly as the VRPC networks 
> > on either XP or W7 without messin' up anything else.

> Oh how awful.  Would you like a full refund on your purchase of RPCEmu?
> Oh, wait a minute...

I know, smack my legs and send me to bed early without any tea for having
a hissy fit.  ;-)

> Frankly, the source code is freely available.  If it bothers you, fix it.
> If you cannot, then patiently wait for (or bribe) someone else to.

I do have a substantial amount of admiration for you folks and what you've
achieved, but sometimes you just gotta vent about something... Get it out
of the system.

> > Moan 2) Wish VRPC would find some other solution to securing their IPR
> > as the present method can be a PITA, not only in this situation, but
> > others as well

> This is your real problem.  An Acorn-era company stuck in the past with
> a silly copy-protection scheme.

Indeed, but as we are all perceived as crooks and software bootleggers,
it'll remain stuck methinks.

VRPC aside, the RPCEmu network bridge does work quite well in XP, but
here, on the Win 7 machine it really is bad, and a struggle to keep the
network going for a session, let alone quit RPCemu, do something else
then, get back to Emu.
As for surviving a machine re-boot... Forget it.
Yes I know that's not specifically an Emu problem, but is directly
connected. (Or not on a Win 7 machine ;-) ).

And as I mentioned somewhere else... Despite some advice from the
knowledgeable, I've never managed to get the RPCEmu I have on a Ubuntu
install to network. (Not important now as I've moved on).


A thought occurs...
If RPCEmu is going to be pushed by ROOL as the vehicle to carry memory
stick versions of ROOL RISC OS, then maybe some effort in the networking
area might be a good/useful/worthwhile exercise for someone.

No point in asking me though, basic, BASIC is as far as I got.


Dave Triffid

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