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> > Hi, I've been writing a series on rpcemu for Archive. 

> I installed RPCemu onm Ubuntu. Essentially the instructions work but I
> found them difficult to follow. So it took a long time!

> This is due to my being a RISC Os user not knowing enough about Linux!

> The instructions assume a lot of experience of Linux!

That is alarmingly flattering in a way! I've only been using Linux
seriously for a couple of years. (Albeit after having used some *nix*
systems a bit over the years.)

It does however show the danger of writing about such topics where one can
easily take for granted things that baffle the newcomer. So if you can, it
might be good if you wrote an article for Archive yourself discussing the
Linux details you had to learn and sort out to install RPCEmu. Although I'm
not sure now if the 'USB stick' version that has become available may
bypass this being useful?



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