[Rpcemu] Well really.

Rien Mertens rien.mertens at hccnet.nl
Thu Nov 10 14:47:55 PST 2011

Op 10 nov 2011, om 23:04 heeft Steve (ROOL) het volgende geschreven:

> On 10 Nov, Richard Walker <richardwalker at letterboxes.org> wrote:
>> I wasn't necessarily thinking of the ROOL bounty scheme - it was more of
>> a general comment.  The ROOL scheme is obviously aimed at RISC OS 5,
>> rather than RPCEmu.
> Hi,
> That's true. We're certainly extremely pleased to see the progress that's
> happened with RPCEmu over the years and it aligns very nicely with our
> objectives of having a completely free RISC OS emulation solution that
> people from outside the community can try out to see what it's all about.
> Having said all that, the bounty scheme on the ROOL site is specifically
> about RISC OS 5 and not the right place (just yet) for third party
> components. One day we might broaden the scope but right now there are some
> pretty fundamental areas of RISC OS which are in dire need of attention so
> that's what the scheme is hoping to motivate.
> Plus, core RISC OS development struggles to gain any traction because of the
> requirement for the (never to be free, sadly) DDE Tools and having to build
> on RISC OS. RPCEmu has a key advantage in that the build tools and
> environment are portable so, in theory at least, it should be easier for
> RPCEmu to attract developers.
> I'd put NetSurf in a similar boat; it's a great bit of software and pretty
> much a must-have. But projects such as these can easily have a "donate here"
> scheme of their own if they desire - there's no reason to tie this into the
> niche ROOL site.

Would improving, or should I say, finishing the ethernet driver for the ethernet port
on the BeagleBoard fall within or outside the ROOL bounty scheme?

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