[Rpcemu] Well really.

Tim Powys-Lybbe tim at powys.org
Fri Nov 11 02:09:35 PST 2011

On 10 Nov at 22:04, Steve (ROOL) <srevill at riscosopen.org> wrote:

> On 10 Nov, Richard Walker <richardwalker at letterboxes.org> wrote:
> > I wasn't necessarily thinking of the ROOL bounty scheme - it was
> > more of a general comment.  The ROOL scheme is obviously aimed at
> > RISC OS 5, rather than RPCEmu.
> That's true. We're certainly extremely pleased to see the progress
> that's happened with RPCEmu over the years and it aligns very nicely
> with our objectives of having a completely free RISC OS emulation
> solution that people from outside the community can try out to see
> what it's all about.
> Having said all that, the bounty scheme on the ROOL site is
> specifically about RISC OS 5 and not the right place (just yet) for
> third party components.


So we have a proposal for a 'bounty', one plonker (me) who has come out
from under the closet to say he will support it, but no clear definition
of what the project should be or how any bounty scheme should be

I am still prepared to stump up, but only to a sensibly organised
proposal; I am not prepared to do any more as I have other matters that
take up my time.  I now await developments :-).

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