[Rpcemu] Multiple HostFS "discs"?

Andy Fawcett andy at athame.co.uk
Sat Nov 19 10:49:32 PST 2011

> > I'm quite new to RPCEmu, but enjoying my experiences with it so far!
> > One thing that would be very useful to me (running on Windows 7) is
> > to have more that one HostFS disc. Is that possible? Googling
> > suggests a patch in 2009 that enabled this, but I'm not sure how
> > relevant that is today.

> That patch is not relevant to current RPCEmu, and has some issues.

> We are planning to add multiple discs to HostFS, but it is just one
> item on a very long 'todo' list. We are currently concentrating on
> fixing bugs and adding some other frequently requested features.
> However, it would still be good to know how multiple discs would be
> useful to you, as I may be able to suggest a workaround for you
> depending on your needs.

My personal use case for multiple HostFS drives is the following.

I have multiple instances of RPCemu, one per ROM version I use, and 
because of various issues I want to keep the !Boot separate for each 
one, but share everything else between them.

Secondly, I definitely prefer the ability to move files around from my 
host OS, so would prefer not to use the ADFS images.

Ideally, two HostFS "drives" would be the solution. In the meantime, I'm 
having to use one of the less-preferred options


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