[Rpcemu] Multiple HostFS "discs"?

Matthew Phillips spam2011m at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 24 10:51:29 PST 2011

In message <5539778.ZINnjT9eyz at igor>
 on 19 Nov 2011 Andy Fawcett  wrote:

> > However, it would still be good to know how multiple discs would be
> > useful to you, as I may be able to suggest a workaround for you depending
> > on your needs.
> I have multiple instances of RPCemu, one per ROM version I use, and 
> because of various issues I want to keep the !Boot separate for each one,
> but share everything else between them.
> Secondly, I definitely prefer the ability to move files around from my 
> host OS, so would prefer not to use the ADFS images.

When I was using a Linux netbook regularly, I had a HostFS drive pointing to
a subdirectory of my home directory, which I operated as the main RISC OS
drive.  But also, for convenience, I had a second HostFS drive which pointed
at the root of my home directory.  That one was set to read-only.  This meant
I could access any of my files from RISC OS but didn't run the risk of some
malfunctioning software I was developing running rampant all over my Linux
home directory.

There were a couple of things I altered in the source for HostFS.  I've no
idea whether they're a problem in the present version.  One was that it hid
files and folders whose names began with "." by default.  I preferred to see
them, but had to suppress "." and ".." of course.

The other problem I had was something to do with CVS.  I think I may have
been running CVS from RISC OS and had some kind of trouble when the source
code was hosted on HostFS.  Or perhaps I wanted to use CVS from Linux and
compile from RISC OS (using Norcroft).  Whatever it was it didn't work so I
had to do the development work using an ADFS hard disc image.

Another interesting effect was that HostFS was not able to follow the NFS
mount in my home directory which pointed to our Iyonix's hard drive.  I never
found out why.  It just appeared as an empty directory.

Matthew Phillips

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