[Rpcemu] Checking for corrupt HD4 filesystem

Tony Moore old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 1 03:04:22 PST 2012

On 1 Feb 2012, george greenfield <george.greenfield at tiscali.co.uk>

> My HardDisc4 filesystem may be corrupt:

Before attempting any recovery, I would suggest that you make a backup
copy of (Windows) Program Files\RPCEmu.

> is there a * command for checking this (*CheckMap? *Verify?), and if
> so, what is the correct syntax? I've tried *CheckMap [HardDisc4] and
> got the response 'please insert HardDisc4' which isn't particularly
> helpful!
> If it turns out the filesystem on HD4 is corrupt,

The free DiscKnight at http://www.armclub.org.uk/products/discknight/
will confirm whether or not the problem is with the hd4 file. If so, the
full version of DiscKnight, which costs £10, should be able to repair
it. It does work with RPCEmu - I've had cause to use it several times.

> presumably the only solution is to back up the existing files, delete
> the existing and re-install a clean HD4 and copy back the files?

That should work, if it's possible to copy the files from hd4 to HostFS.
However, if hd4 is corrupt, you may find that copying some or all the
files will fail.


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