[Rpcemu] Some ques re RPCemu-0.8.9 on Linux

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Wed Feb 1 12:52:51 PST 2012

Hullo Ralph,

On Wed, 01 Feb 2012 23:48:39 +1100, Ralph Corderoy <ralph at inputplus.co.uk>  

> I've created those same files and directories in my Fedora, also
> symlinked from my hostfs and the filer's fine.  Nothing seems odd about
> their attributes, and the parent directory has larger files.
> Instead of the Desktop can you get to a command line and do
>     *HostFS
>     *.
>     *Ex Fedora
> Here that looks to print out the results as HostFS returns them.  If
> there's no lock up then it would suggest the issue is with RISC OS's
> Filer?

That appeared to work flawlessly here.
No lockup, instant response with the list of files/dirs written to  
So, if it is the RISC OS filer, then it may be useful to know that I am  
running the 4.39 roms, in case I haven't passed on that info previously.

Thanks for your persistence Ralph, hopefully this latest test helps narrow  
it down a bit more.

Terry Duell

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