[Rpcemu] Some ques re RPCemu-0.8.9 on Linux

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sat Feb 4 18:15:03 PST 2012

Hi Terry,

> >     *HostFS
> >     *.
> >     *Ex Fedora
> >
> > Here that looks to print out the results as HostFS returns them.  If
> > there's no lock up then it would suggest the issue is with RISC OS's
> > Filer?
> That appeared to work flawlessly here.  No lockup, instant response
> with the list of files/dirs written to  taskwindow.  So, if it is the
> RISC OS filer, then it may be useful to know that I am  running the
> 4.39 roms, in case I haven't passed on that info previously.

I altered hostfs.c some more;  for $ and $.Fedora it wouldn't inspect
the Linux disk but instead just return hard-coded data in the C source
that is what your machine printed in debug for those two directories.
IOW, I tried to re-create your two directories on my machine.  My debug
then matched yours but RO was happy to open $ and $.Fedora;  no lock-up.
My emulation isn't complete, e.g. other things in $, like $.!HForm,
don't have any files in them so their sprites aren't loaded, but it
still didn't trigger the problem like I was hoping.  :-(

I'm 4.39 too;

    $ sha1sum roms/riscos-4.39.rom
    faf99b27907800ea46c590c5f45e43083d06f2ad  roms/riscos-4.39.rom

Cheers, Ralph.

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