[Rpcemu] Code not working correctly on RPCEmu

Matthew Howkins rpcemu-list at howkins.me.uk
Thu Feb 23 10:31:48 PST 2012

> I have just added support for Impulse Tracker's resonant filters
> in my TimPlayer module and tought I'd try it on RPCEmu too.
> On most of the files it sound just te same as on a real RPC
> but in a few cases note on which the filter is applied becomes
> garbage. As the equalizer uses not too dissimilar in form
> (y0 = a0 * x0 + a1 * x1 + a2 * x2 + b1 * y1 + b2 * y2)
> I tried using it on a normal song and bingo, the sound becomes
> completely distorted.

Can you provide a simple runnable example that demonstrates the problem clearly?

Please provide a copy of the rpclog.txt file from a setup showing the problem.

With those I am confident I could track down the fault quickly. Trying
to study the problem from the code provided will be much harder.



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