[Rpcemu] 0.8.10 and 5.19 / 5.18 versus 4.02

Jim Lesurf jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk
Wed Apr 24 02:18:07 PDT 2013

For some time I've been using RO4.02 on RPCEmu 0.8.9. Overall, this works
fine on my Xubuntu boxes.

All being well, I should shortly get an ARMiniX to start using. That may
lead to a 'cascade' of changes and there are aspects I'd like to ask for
comments about here...

*If* the ARMiniX works as nicely as I hope I may decide to retire my
Iyonix. (Currently running RO 5.18.)

That, in turn, means I may decide to use RPCEmu to run RO software that
would need Aemulor on the ARMiniX. That may be simpler and more reliable.

In conjunction with that, I am planning sometime soon to install 0.8.10 and
use that instead of 0.8.9. Which prompts me to ask about the following

First the minor ones:

1) The only (minor) snags I have with 0.8.9 / 4.02 are that the mouse
pointer seems to be 'on skates' and seems to have some inertial effect that
causes it to go on sliding across the window for a while after I stop
moving the mouse. 

2) The other snag is that shutdown 'freezes' the RPCEmu window. Is this

3) shuft-F12 doesn't open a taskwindow. But I think my Xubuntu desktop is
the cause and it is trapping the keys for something else.

I can live happily enough with the above, but are (1) or (2) fixed in

The more serious question is:

Is there any particular reason I should also try switching to 5.18 or 5.19
rather than 4.02? The context is that I'm using RPCEmu purely for
convenience as a way to do some processing using my own existing progs in
conjunction with Linux ones, and will be adding to that using it as a
preferred alternative to Aemulor.

BTW Am I correct in assuming that installing 0.8.10 is the same process as
for earlier versions and that I can copy across my files from 0.8.9?



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