[Rpcemu] 0.8.10 and 5.19 / 5.18 versus 4.02

Peter Howkins rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net
Wed Apr 24 03:11:00 PDT 2013

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:18:07AM +0100, Jim Lesurf wrote:
> First the minor ones:

For these issues can you post your rpclog.txt file please.

> 1) The only (minor) snags I have with 0.8.9 / 4.02 are that the mouse
> pointer seems to be 'on skates' and seems to have some inertial effect that
> causes it to go on sliding across the window for a while after I stop
> moving the mouse. 

Unfortuanately I've not seen this before.

> 2) The other snag is that shutdown 'freezes' the RPCEmu window. Is this
> fixed?

Unfortuanately I've not seen this before.

Can you describe the method you're using to shutdown please? Is it in
RISC OS, clicking the close button on the emulator window, picking exit
from the emulator menu?

Can you describe the 'freeze', what does it look like, what does it behave 

> 3) shuft-F12 doesn't open a taskwindow. But I think my Xubuntu desktop is
> the cause and it is trapping the keys for something else.

Yes, Shift-F12 works fine ... it also works fine in Xubuntu, so there's
some specific app you're running that is capturing those keys.

> I can live happily enough with the above, but are (1) or (2) fixed in
> 0.8.10?

No, mainly because I've not been able to reproduce them. I don't know if 
they're common and people arn't reporting them, or that you have some 
specific configuration that is causing complications.

> The more serious question is:
> Is there any particular reason I should also try switching to 5.18 or 5.19
> rather than 4.02?

5.x runs the OS in 32-bit mode (just like iyonix/pi/beagleboard) as such
will require Aemulor to run 26-bit apps. Stick to 3.x/4.x/6.x if 26-bit is 
a requirement.

> BTW Am I correct in assuming that installing 0.8.10 is the same process as
> for earlier versions and that I can copy across my files from 0.8.9?

In general yes, HostFS yes, hard/floppy disc images yes. But do not copy
over the contents of poduleroms or any of the program binaries/config 


Peter Howkins
peter.howkins at marutan.net

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