[Rpcemu] rpcemu on Mint15

Frank de Bruijn rpcemu-sub at aconet.nl
Sun Aug 4 11:59:45 PDT 2013

In article <51FE9967.7080003 at theglovers.name>,
   Philip Glover <philip at theglovers.name> wrote:
> I have recently upgraded from Mint14, where rpcemu 8.10 and Riscos
> 5.21 work perfectly, to Mint15, but cannot get rpcemu to operate. I
> tried my originals copied over, with permissions,etc checked, but got
> "no such file or directory" when using ./rpcemu in a terminal.

Must have missed something then (been there, done it again and

>      I thought it might be better to install anew, but on trying to
> obtain the liballegro packages, am told that "liballegro-plugin-jack"
> does not exist.

It's liballegro4.2-plugin-jack on my (Debian) system. Try looking for
just liballegro in Synaptic and make sure both the -plugin-jack and the
-dev package are installed.


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