[Rpcemu] RO 5.20 RPCEmu networking problem

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Wed Aug 7 22:55:53 PDT 2013

Right, one last try from the beginning, if it fails then it's in to the
rubbish bin.

I've taken a RPCEmu 0.8.10 that was 5.19 and upgraded it to 5.20 as noted
in Steve's posting, step by step and booting inbetween.

The only things I've added to this install are Zap, Verma and SparkFS.

I've added the two required RPCEmu Networking pieces... Merged !System and
added AutoSense to the place noted in the RPCEmu networking instructions.
That's: "!Boot.Resources.Configure.!InetSetup.AutoSense"

Assuming that still is the place for 5.nn versions.

Using the Boot.Configuration.Networking tool, configured everything the
same as the RPCEmu 0.8.10 RO 4.20, 4.39, 6.20 installs that work.

Lets give it a try.
RPCEmu toolbar Settings-Networking shows rpcemu as the bridge name

Now I'll try and Ping the router.
Nope "Host is down"  100% packet loss.

Ping another machine on the LAN

Ping the RPCEmu IP address, that works, ha bloody ha, ha.

But nothing will get out from the RO 5.20.

Recheck the settings...

Rebooted whole Win 7 computer just to make sure the Bridging is fresh.
Tried again.

It appears that the 5.20 networking setup is not seeing the rpcemu bridge,
and yes rpcemu bridging is working, I've just checked and tested it.

All the other (None 5.nn) RPCEmus network correctly.
The end?



Dave Triffid

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