[Rpcemu] RO 5.20 RPCEmu networking problem

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Fri Aug 9 13:17:43 PDT 2013

In article <57e89b7853.old_coaster at old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>,
   Tony Moore <old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> On 8 Aug 2013, Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:

> > Tony,
> > Having a closer look at the RPClog.txt I see that Networking is
> > available, see below  <--------------*******
> > But for some unfathomable (To me) reason, RPCEmu is not talking to it.

> I'm afraid that I've no idea what may be amiss and, reluctantly, I think
> that it may be best to write off that installation - but see below.

> Today, I've installed 5.20, from scratch, using the ROOL stable ROM and
> !Boot releases. I also made some notes, which I'm posting separately.

> Initially, I had difficulty with the networking configuration, until I
> realised that the several reset buttons don't seem work properly. When I
> ignored them and, instead, quit and re-started RPCEmu manually, when
> necessary, all was well. You might try that on your current install.

> Tony

Mostly I've been totally quitting RPCEmu and double clicking the .exe to
run it again.
Never seemed to make any difference.
Ah well!


Dave Triffid

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