[Rpcemu] rpcemu on Mint15

Chris Gransden chrisg at care4free.net
Sun Aug 11 03:35:20 PDT 2013

In article <52024EC8.80404 at theglovers.name>,
   Philip Glover <philip at theglovers.name> wrote:

> On 05/08/13 15:26, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> > Hi Philip,
> >
> >>>       ldd ./rpcemu
> >> Result:
> >> not a dynamic executable
> > How odd.  Could your restore of ./rpcemu after your upgrade have gone
> > wrong?
> >
> >      ls -l ./rpcemu
> >      file ./rpcemu
> >
> > Cheers, Ralph.
> Have followed the advice from Frank de Bruijin and downloaded the 
> plugin-jack file (there were a lot of other files which seemed to be 
> needed, and I became confused as to what was really wanted). Now when I 
> try ./rpcemu I get the message :
> "error while loading shared libraries: liballegro.so.4.4:cannot open 
> shared object file :no such file or directory".

> If I try to start a new install from a download, I still get the " 
> AM_PATH_ALLEGRO not found in library" error message, so despite the 
> successful installation of the plugin-jack file, there is still 
> something amiss with my system, and I haven't the knowledge needed to 
> rectify same.
> Thanks to you and Frank for trying to help. I'll ensure that I don't 
> lose my Mint14 install and stick with that.
> Regards
> Philip

I had a similar problem trying to build from source using Linux mint debian

This got it working for me.
Make sure you've got the liballegro libraries installed.

apt-cache search liballegro
liballegro4.2-dev - development files for the Allegro library
liballegro4.4 - portable library for cross-platform game and multimedia
liballegro4.4-plugin-alsa - ALSA audio plugin for the Allegro library

If not,

sudo apt-get install liballegro4.2-dev liballegro4.4

hg clone http://www.home.marutan.net/hg/rpcemu rpcemu

cd rpcemu/src
./configure --enable-dynarec

vi configure

delete the following lines,

if test "$OS" != "win"; then
   AM_PATH_ALLEGRO(4.2.2, , as_fn_error $? "building RPCEmu requires
Allegro to be installed" "$LINENO" 5)


The link stage will fail as it can't find the allegro library.

vi Makefile

Change the following line,

LIBS = -lpthread -lm


LIBS = -lpthread -lm -lalleg

Run make again,


You should now have a working rpcemu executable.



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