[Rpcemu] Rpcemu: mounting CDs

Mike Allum mike.allum at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 2 01:07:23 PST 2013

Hullo Dave,
                The other responses are by far the easiest way of
transferring 6.20 but for general access to CDs in RPCEmu you can mount an
ISO image of a CD.  It might seem a little daft to have physical media AND
a great big copy squirreled away but for occasional use like this I don't
mind the storage cost.

The PC utility I use to rip to ISO is this:


As an aside: on my real hardware I ended up in a world of pain once my
UniPod snuffed it just after the 6.20 install and I was forced to return to
the intrinsic IDE ports.  Because of the problems with the need to
substitute CDFS drivers and the 6.20 CMOS RAM usage I never succeeded in
getting the CD drive to resume operation.

However it was as a direct result of this that I sought out and found
RPCEmu so Cosmically Speaking I'm ahead on points.  8-)


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