[Rpcemu] RISC OS 6 install instructions - revised

Mike Allum mike.allum at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 2 02:02:31 PST 2013

Hullo Gerald,
                  I have a couple of observations, mostly gleaned from this
email list <raises hat to contributors>:

1) Set RPCEmu to StrongARM and restart RPCEmu.
2) Set RPCEmu to 128M (max) and restart RPCEmu.
3) Set Sound on and restart RPCEmu.

The restarts are essential.  If all 3 are done at once it crashes and the
changes are not preserved.

4) If initial boot shows "Abort on data transfer &00008BAC" then await
desktop, go into configuration, turn off softloading, shut down RiscPC, and
restart RPCEmu.

This last will happen if the decompressed ROM images are used (glad to see
the alternative decompression technique in your document BTW).

5) Set Font, Sprite, and other sizes from 0 to something sensible.

These will usually be set to "0" for a blank CMOS RAM.

I have a couple of observations about setting up the networking too.
Although they are beyond the "just get you up and running" scope I think
they have a place in your document because I'm a great believer in the
one-stop-shop solution.  Here they are:

6) Edit !Boot.Resources.!Internet.!Run:
    * Comment-out line 64.
    * Add new line 24:
       *X unplug appletalk*
7) From the "networking" directory in the RPCEmu installation:
   * Put EtherRPCEm into !Boot.RO440Hook.Res.Configure.!NetSetup.!IFSetup
   * Merge !System.
8) Shut down RiscPC, set RPCEmu networking on, and restart RPCEmu.

I've not tested if an **unplug appletalk* is needed prior to (5).  I did it
as part of my install but the "X" should do it anyway IIRC.  Comments


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