[Rpcemu] RISC OS 6.20 Install Guide

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Sat Feb 2 08:00:34 PST 2013

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> > Configure... > Windows > Windows > Menu slide > Off

> > Tony

> Ah yes, thanks Tony.

> My problem I've discovered is this:
> On this real SARPC I have that menu, but on the RPCemu 6.20 install the
> windows configuration dialogue is quite different.

> Where the "Menu slide part is on the real SARPC dialogue, on the Emu
> config window I have instead...

>  "Backgrounds"
> "Textured window backgrounds"
> "Textured menus"
> "Alternative menu texture."

> The switcher icon-Info shows the same Version, Date and Kernel numbers
> for both the real RPC and the Emu 6.20.

> I've now run VRPC-Adjust SA which I also have running 6.20 and the
> Configure... > Windows > Windows > Menu slide option is there.

> I've not checked all my Emu 6.20 installs (I started from different RO 
> versions 4.02, 4.39) but not one Emu/6.20 install has the correct Windows
> Config menu.

> It appears something is not quite right with the RPCemu 6.20 install, and
> for whatever reason, the 6.20 Window config tool is showing the 4.39
> Window config.

> So from this real SARPC, I've manually taken the
> "...HD4.$.!Boot.RO600Hook.Res.Configure" directory and put it in the
> RPCemu 6.20 600Hook directory.
> Rebooted Emu and I now have the correct Window Config tool and tghe Menu
> slide is Off.

> Bit busy ATM, but later I must check and see if all the other Config
> tools have the correct 6.20 entries, or are still running the 4.39s.

> In the meanwhile... Any thoughts?

> Dave

Right, having a bit more time I've done a bit of checking.

All (Multiple versions) versions I've done the change into 6.20 have the
wrong Configure tools.
That includes one version that went from 4.02 directly to 6.20
There were no intervening Select 4.nn versions applied to this, my base

Obviously manually transplanting from the real SARPC 600Hook to the RPCemu
600Hook sorts that, but I wonder what else might be out... Even more to
the point, why has this happened?



Dave Triffid

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