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Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Sat Feb 2 14:28:20 PST 2013

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> > > Indeedy obviously RO600Hook is not in the 4.39 install. It appears
> > > in the 6.20 upgrade, it just contains the wrong Config tools.
> >
> > Okay, I've taken the !RO6Instal (6.20) apart and looked at the
> > RO600Hook within the installer and it doesn't contain !WindSetup,
> > FilerTbars, and ToolOrders that are in the real SARPC install.
> >
> > That is from the RO LTD 620 CD, the RO LTD Iso download.
> >
> > If I manually put the !WindSetup into the Emu RO600Hook I obviously
> > get the correct RO6 configs (Slide menu etc).
> >
> > I do not get it, the official RO Ltd CD is the one I used to install
> > 6.20 on this real SARPC years ago, but it doesn't contain the above
> > noted.

> On my copy of the 6.20 CD, NewUsers.!RO6Instal.Data contains 400Hook,
> but not 600Hook. RO600Hook is actually in UpgradeRO6.BootUpgrade, and it
> does contain the missing config tools.

Aaargh! (Dispair) My official RO Ltd 6.20 CD doesn't contain anything
"NewUser" So I guess I must have an upgrade version.
Pause while I shove the Cd in the Win machine and read the "ReadMe"

Ah yes, it is an upgrade version. So Sh one t is word of the day.
Anway, I've now re-done my !RO6Instal archive and put the missing config
tools in the RO600Hook, and that seems to be working okay.

Mustn't forget that some months after 6.20 was released an update to fix a
few bugs that had come to light was released. (4i2update/zip)
Obviously I've applied that to my installs.

> I now believe that, when NewUsers.!RO6Instal is run from a physical CD,
> or ISO image, RO600Hook is copied from UpgradeRO6.BootUpgrade. However
> if only RO6Instal is run in RPCEmu, it cannot access BootUpgrade, so
> RO600Hook is absent from the installation.

> It seems that, for the installation to succeed, if it is not possible to
> access a physical CD from RPCEmu, both the NewUsers and UpgradeRO6
> directories need to be copied to RPCEmu. before RO6Instal is run.

I've found that when I was having a play.

> The above raises the question as to why my 6.20 installation succeeded
> when I couldn't run RO6Instal from a physical CD. Looking more closely
> at the Boot of the 4.39 RPCEmu, which I upgraded to 6.20, I find that it
> _does_ contain RO600Hook, and config tools, but I've absolutely no idea
> how they came to be there. My turn to be confused!

No idea...

> Tony



Dave Triffid

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