[Rpcemu] Linux difficulties with rpcemu

Philip Glover philip at theglovers.name
Wed Feb 13 11:25:53 PST 2013

Thank you Peter for the reply, and apologies for using an attachment 
instead of retyping my originally rejected mailing.
I have checked my package manager, and allegro4.4, which says it is a 
portable Library, is installed. It was while trying to recompile a new 
build, as you suggest, (using the instructions from the website), that I 
got the messages about AM_PATH_ALLEGRO not found, and the error message 
about lib-plugin-jack, so the build was unsuccessful.
That is why I thought I'd better get help

Philip Glover

On 13/02/13 16:12, Peter Howkins wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 03:31:13PM +0000, Philip Glover wrote:
>> I wonder if anyone can help with problem outlined in attachment?
> You don't have the allegro graphics library installed on your new system.
> *and* when moving between distributions, recompile the rpcemu source code
> on your new system. This will require you to install the the build
> requirements again. This is because Linux distributions are not
> necessarily compatible between each version or different vendors, a binary
> made on one has no gaurentee of running on another.
> *and* please try to avoid putting questions in attachments ...
> Peter

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