[Rpcemu] Disc not understood

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 10:21:57 PST 2013

In article <5323115d8fbob at mightyoak.org.uk>,
   Bob Latham <bob at mightyoak.org.uk> wrote:
> Has anyone got RPCEmu working on a 64bit W7 prof laptop?

> Cheers,

> Bob.

Not specifically on a Laptop, but on two Desktop PCs running under 64 bit
W7 Pro I have RPCEmus 0.8.9 running RO 6.20 on 2.55 Gigabytes hd4.hdf

(I do have various versions of it running on a Win 7 Home laptop).

Obviously from my past notes/reasons I've not bothered with Networking,
but when I get around to it, I will on one of the machines again.

It was ages ago that I created my Hd4.hdf for RPCEmu but as it's
substantially larger than the supplied one, I must have formatted using I
think, Select 4.39 and HForm 2.56 but I really can't remember now.

Select RO 6.20 has Hform 2.59 but we've only recently been able to upgrade
the RPCEmus to 6.20.


FWIW. I have  a number of test installs on the two Win 7 Pro machines,
using different RO versions and different Hd4.hdf sizes, the largest being
9+ Gigs.



Dave Triffid

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