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>>> where are you getting these MDFs from in the first place?

>> They're included in the ROOL HardDisc4 download available at
>> http://www.riscosopen.org/content/downloads/other-zipfiles

> Thanks Tony for the information but how on earth do you open it? On that
> site there appears to be two HardDisc4 downloads, neither will open on any
> machine or software I have. What is suddenly so bad about a zip file that
> everyone can open?

> Bob.


You may have your mimemap file set to tag any unknown file type as zip 
as the HardDisc images are not zip ones but self extracting files or 
tarball files.

So download the HardDisc4 self extracting file, change it's file type 
to &FFC, i.e select highlight the file > menu > Set file type &FFC, 
then double click on it to extract. All this is mentioned by clicking 
on the blue information icon to the right of the files on the ROOL 


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