[Rpcemu] Issues with 0.8.9 on Mac (Mountain Lion)

Jeremy Brayshaw jeremy at brayshaw.org.uk
Sat Jan 5 12:58:43 PST 2013

On 5 Jan 2013, at 20:17, Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:

> And a waste of time that was, as the whole over a Megabyte posting was
> just filled with garbage... Unless you take it to a PC Mail client.

Well, as the posting was about RO on a Mac, it certainly came out fine on my Mac Pro!

Sadly, I've given up with RO on the Mac. It would have solved all my problems, but I have VRPC which is quite useless. Yes, it works, just, but isn't really useable. RPCemu sounds good, but only in Alpha puts me off. So I have to use native apps on the Mac, none of which are anything like as versatile as good old RO apps!

I'm still using an ancient RiscPC for the majority of my work (relying on Ovation Pro, artworks and various other apps I've never found equal on the Mac).

But back to the plot - the posting with the screen image came out fine here, and shows just why RPCemu is close, but not quite useable on a Mac yet. I live in hope!

I'm a devoted RO fan, but RPCemu hasn't quite made it yet, sadly.


Jeremy Brayshaw     <><

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