[Rpcemu] Some ideas for additions

Gerald Holdsworth gerald at hollypops.co.uk
Sun Jan 6 02:32:53 PST 2013

For a application of Alpha quality, it's pretty damn good (in fact, I would put it down as a recommended emulator on my Repton Resource Page - if any Repton games ran on the Risc PC!!) - however, can I make some suggestions for improvements (and apologies in advance if they already exist - I just haven't found them yet on the Mac version):

* HostFS - extension mapping: e.g. if you have a file on the host system, say !Run.oby, it maps the 'oby' extension to the Obey filetype in Risc OS;
* Model configs: i.e. the ability to have different Risc PC models (e.g. 64MB SA110 ROS4.39, or 16MB ARM600 ROS3.50, etc.) and you can change them via the menu (and resetting the app, obviously). I currently achieve this by changing the working folder in the Preferences to swap between RISC OS 4.39 and RISC OS 6.20; and
* Emulation for Viewfinder and Vpod hardware (so we can get bigger screen sizes).



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