[Rpcemu] Issues with 0.8.9 on Mac (Mountain Lion)

Peter van der Vos peterthuis at kitt.nl
Sun Jan 6 09:36:33 PST 2013

Op 5 jan. 2013, om 21:58 heeft Jeremy Brayshaw <jeremy at brayshaw.org.uk> het volgende geschreven:

> On 5 Jan 2013, at 20:17, Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:
>> And a waste of time that was, as the whole over a Megabyte posting was
>> just filled with garbage... Unless you take it to a PC Mail client.
> Well, as the posting was about RO on a Mac, it certainly came out fine on my Mac Pro!
> Sadly, I've given up with RO on the Mac. It would have solved all my problems, but I have VRPC which is quite useless. Yes, it works, just, but isn't really useable. RPCemu sounds good, but only in Alpha puts me off. So I have to use native apps on the Mac, none of which are anything like as versatile as good old RO apps!
> I'm still using an ancient RiscPC for the majority of my work (relying on Ovation Pro, artworks and various other apps I've never found equal on the Mac).
> But back to the plot - the posting with the screen image came out fine here, and shows just why RPCemu is close, but not quite useable on a Mac yet. I live in hope!

I am using RPCEmu v0.8.9 for a long time on a Mac without to much trouble. Found (or adapted) a monitor file so am using 1680x1040, the max on my monitor. Never saw the screen problem. 

Did gave up on the network but not a great problem. Share the Mac disc and a old RiscPC can access the HostFS dir.

One point of warning. When you got it up and running, don't use the 'HardDisc4' for anything else than booting.  I write all the files to the HostFS dir.

Good luck,


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