[Rpcemu] Disc not understood

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Mon Jan 21 10:41:20 PST 2013

In article <6FF50627-B988-4E27-97C1-1C965E76B11F at kitt.nl>,
   Peter van der Vos <peterthuis at kitt.nl> wrote:

> Networking is easy because you can use the network of the host machine.
> The RPCEmulator writes/reads from HostFS, my remote RiscPC uses FTP to
> access the HostFS part of the disc. This way I can use it almost like
> connecting two RiscPC's together.

> Op 20 jan. 2013, om 21:56 heeft Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> het volgende geschreven:

> > In article <AFF35C77-DBA3-4C49-AB3C-CE4571362E0C at kitt.nl>,
> >   Peter van der Vos <peterthuis at kitt.nl> wrote:
> > [Snippy]
> >> I would recommend to download a small HD4 and put the rest on a HostFS
> >> disc. This way communication with other machines is a lot simpler.
> > 
> >> Peter
> > 
> > Since when is networking with RPCEmu simple anything?
> > D.
> > 

Unfortunately here it is not simple, sure setting it up is quite straight
forward, but the method used (bridging) means the appearance of my network
card is changed and so other things tied to that will not work.

If I temporarily un-bridge the Emu connection so other things can network,
when re-bridged, Emu networking fails, and even a re-boot won't fix it.
It'll stay broken until I re-do the install process again. again, again...

Really can't be bothered to do that over and over.


What would work, I guess, if there was some way of forcing the Emu bridge
to have the required MAC address. (Same as network card).

On Win 7 BTW.


Dave Triffid

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