[Rpcemu] RISC OS 6 install instructions - revised

Mike Allum mike.allum at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 29 05:33:45 PST 2013

Hullo folks,
               Having just been through some clean installs of 6.20 under
RPCEmu in the last week I've this morning hit a snag with the networking
which I will investigate sometime over the weekend and document if it has
implications for the updated installation instructions.

Accessing files commonly between several RPCEmu installations is something
I've been doing.  I have a similar setup to share common data on my Windows
7/XP/Ubuntu tri-boot system.

My solution has been to clone the RPCEmu installations and rename them so I

* RPCEmu - 402
* RPCEmu - 439
* RPCEMu - 519
* RPCEmu - 620

Within these I have replaced the contents of the hostfs directory with the
version-appropriate !Boot and applications directories.  This also
preserves the individual emulator configurations and the CMOS RAM settings
which is a necessity.

My Data and Installation directories are within a 5th directory called
"RPCEmu - common".  These then have NTFS "junctions" made from them to a
point within the hostfs directory of each of the emulations.

This works perfectly and delivers high convenience with low cost (disc
space is cheap - especially for RPCEmu itself).  The only thing that
junctions cannot do is to link across filing systems such as network drives
(at least those that don't have a virtual drive letter) but in that
situation I use !Omni or !LanMan98 which work very well indeed and store
files with exactly the same naming syntax used by hostFS so you can drag
'n' drop them in a Windows/Ubuntu environment.

I use this utility:


to create my junctions and it is exemplary.


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