[Rpcemu] Network setup question

Tony Moore old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 7 05:58:40 PST 2013

On 7 Mar 2013, Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:
> In article <fd735f2853.old_coaster at old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>,
>    Tony Moore <old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> > On 6 Mar 2013, Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:
> > > Next question relates to ShareFS.
> > >
> > > All my machines have names attached to their IP address, and those
> > > names show up in the ShareFS "Menu-Show discs" window on any RO
> > > Sys that's running, however, even though RPCEmu has a name
> > > (Blackfan) attached to its address, it doesn't present as the
> > > given differentiating name, but presents as HardDisc4 everywhere.
> > I believe that the IP address is not relevant to ShareFS. If the
> > disc which you are sharing has its icon on the iconbar, Menu > Share
> > etc will create a ShareFS share, with the same name as the disc.
> > This doesn't work with HostFS because there is no iconbar Menu. In
> > this case, you need an obey file, ShareFS_setup, in boot Tasks,
> > containing something like
> >    ShareFSWindow 1 { > null: }
> >    ShareFSIcon aaa
> >    Share HostFS:$ bbb
> > where aaa is the name of a remote disc displayed on the local
> > iconbar, and bbb is the name allocated to the HostFS share, to be
> > displayed on a remote iconbar. The first line ensures ShareFS
> > transfer reliability.
> Thanks for the thought Tony, though it doesn't appear to be correct.
> :-(

You need to read the small-print :)

> I already have in Tasks an Obey Shares setup file.
> It contains:
> ShareFSWindow 1 { > null: }
> ShareFSIcon Public
> (That gives me just a single icon on every RO install, including
> RPCEmu, from which I use the menu to select which RO share I want to
> activate, as I don't want them all auto mounted, as that would be a
> lot of Iconbar real estate gone.) It also give Me and She a single
> directory, common over all the machines into which we can put stuff
> for the other person.

Here, *ShareFSIcon Public adds an icon to the iconbar, from which I can
mount any of the available ShareFS shares, but there is no Public
directory on this machine. Do you have an actual Public directory - and
if so, where? - or is it a device for accessing the ShareFS shares?

> If I add to that as you note above, two things happen.
> 1) I get an error message Filing system or path HostFS not present.

The *Share HostFS line may appear in the ShareFS setup file, _only_ if
HostFS is present in the system, ie RPCEmu. The setup file for RPCEmu
cannot be the same as for the real RiscPCs.

> 2) I then still get the HardDisc4 icon as the FS link to the Emu
> machine. Obviously...

You could change the name of your RPCEmu ADFS drive but, if you wish to
retain the current generic name, try including a line in the ShareFS
setup file (for the RPCEmu machine only)

   *Share ADFS::HardDisc4.$ Blackfan

where Blackfan is your name for the share (as below)

> The interesting bit is... With just my plain two line Obey, if all the
> Real RPCs are running they all show the names assigned to them in
> Hosts... There's nowhere else they are given a name.

That I cannot understand. Here, the Hosts names, and ShareFS names,
differ. Maybe someone else can shed some light?

> Of course with the exception of the RPCEmu install which shows as
> HardDisc4 instead of its Host name of Blackfan (Which is also the Host
> name of the Win machine)

[snip VRPC]

I don't have VRPC, so cannot comment.

> My brain hurts...

Not the only one!


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