[Rpcemu] A configuration question or two

george greenfield george.greenfield at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Mar 11 11:54:00 PDT 2013

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          Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:

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>> Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:
>> > I quite often click URLs out of RO into Firefox, and Copy/Paste text
>> > from RO to Win WP or Text editor.
>> > 
>> Have I missed something? This ability is available in VRPC but I didn't
>> know it was available on RPCEMU. I've just tried it from RISCOS 6.20 and
>> it didn't work. Do you need uniprint?
> Yes, or UniServer as I believe it's now called.
> With Uniserver active and the underlying host IP address (PC) set in the
> Hosts file, and obviously Uniserver.exe running on the PC, I can Copy and
> paste from RPCEmu apps to the Win Text editor I use, or OvPro for Windows
> etc, additionally and far more important, I can double click a URL out of
> Emu RISC OS directly in to Firefox underneath.
Gosh, how useful! Where is it to be found/purchased? R-Comp are 
offering something called UniPrint/UniScan, but I presume this is not 


george greenfield

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