[Rpcemu] A configuration question or two

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Mon Mar 11 12:47:05 PDT 2013

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> > 
> >> > I quite often click URLs out of RO into Firefox, and Copy/Paste text
> >> > from RO to Win WP or Text editor.
> >> > 
> >> Have I missed something? This ability is available in VRPC but I
> >> didn't know it was available on RPCEMU. I've just tried it from
> >> RISCOS 6.20 and it didn't work. Do you need uniprint?
> > 
> > Yes, or UniServer as I believe it's now called.
> > 
> > With Uniserver active and the underlying host IP address (PC) set in
> > the Hosts file, and obviously Uniserver.exe running on the PC, I can
> > Copy and paste from RPCEmu apps to the Win Text editor I use, or OvPro
> > for Windows etc, additionally and far more important, I can double
> > click a URL out of Emu RISC OS directly in to Firefox underneath.
> > 
> Gosh, how useful! Where is it to be found/purchased? R-Comp are 
> offering something called UniPrint/UniScan, but I presume this is not 
> that?

> George

Yes it was purchased from R-Comp. The version I have is 4.03 it's a suite
of connection things.

Additional to what I've written before, I've been getting some PDF files
recently that won't open in the !PDF of RISC OS, so I added an entry to
the Unilaunch Filetypes list for PDF and now double clicking a PDF on the
RISCOS Emu side, launches the file to Foxit PDF reader on Windows.

Same for Excel and Word files that might and do arrive in Pluto as
attachments, double click 'em and they are launched in Windows (Obviously
you have to have  something on the Win side to pick up the request). ;-)

And FWIW the writer of said software is still around (Alan Wrigley) and
tweaking as required.



Dave Triffid

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