[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.8.10

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Wed Mar 27 11:12:35 PDT 2013

In article <20130327171513.GA9402 at spod.org>,
   Peter Howkins <rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net> wrote:
> A new version of RPCEmu is available, 0.8.10

> http://www.marutan.net/rpcemu/

> * All Platforms

>   - Fix bug in emulation of SMLAL instruction in 32-bit DynaRec.
>   - Fix bug in emulation of unaligned STR with Writeback in 32-bit 
>     DynaRec.
>   - Fix bug in emulation of LDR/LDRB with Writeback in both 32-bit and 
>     64-bit DynaRec.
>   - Extensive code-refactoring enabling the above fixes, and in 
>     preparation for future improvements.

> * Windows

>   - Host CD-ROM drives now appear correctly in the CD-ROM submenu.

> * Linux

>   - A program icon has been added to the main Window.

> Note: Using the windows install to upgrade from
>       previous versions may overwrite your cmos.ram
>       and rpc.cfg files.
> Matthew Howkins
> Peter Howkins

Well done chaps and thanks for the work.

I can confirm the Host CD-ROM drive does now work, so whoopeee!

But only if cdrom_type = 72 in rpc.cfg



Dave Triffid

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