[Rpcemu] Allegro not installed Mint 17

Jim Lesurf jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk
Thu Oct 2 02:50:46 PDT 2014

I can't explain the differences in behaviour people report, but I've just
had a go and the standard way to config and make worked OK. I'll give some
details below of what I did in case it is of interest.

My first port of call was to install allegro. The snag here is that
synaptic (my customary iinterface of preference) does *not* show the
versions I expected. I had to install the allegro4 dev package which pulled
in *4.4* packages. No references at all to allegro 4.2 packages. Only
alternatives were allegro 5.

Out of curiosity I then tried running a copy of my old 0.8.8. RPCemu. This
failed with a complaint about not being able to find allegro 4.2. So I
guess it was unable to find and try 4.4.

However having simply selected the dev package and accepted what it
required I proceeded to config and make 0.8.11 anyway. Despite lots of
lines I didn't understand this seemed to complete OK.  I then copied across
to it the 4.02 rom image and my files from my earlier 0.8.8.

This then ran quite happily! :-) As in the past, giving me a RO4.02 RPC
behaviour which is what suits me at present. Screen mode, etc, all as

I had no need to move/copy m4 files, etc.

So I wonder if one factor may be that 0.8.11 is happy to find and use
allegro 4.4 but 0.8.8 falls over not finding 4.2?

Anyway, a brief play... erm experiment showed 'business as usual'. I even
got the 'roller skates' effect with the mouse which I suspect is because
the mouse is a fancy 'gaming' one that tries to act cleverly.

No idea if this helps anyone else.

This all on xfce mint long term support distro. (I've forgotten is that is
based on 16 or 17!)

If there is a problem with simply using my old rpc config files, etc,
please let me know. But it seemed OK on a brief tryout.


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