[Rpcemu] Allegro not installed Mint 17

Jim Lesurf jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk
Mon Oct 6 08:50:55 PDT 2014

In article <5432A73E.9000602 at gmail.com>, tonynjac <tonynjac at gmail.com>
> Hi,

> I don't know if this will help you,  but I recently tried to do the same
> and I recollect very similar errors even though I knew the allegro
> libraries were installed. The fix in the end was to install the
> build-essential package which for some reason doesn't seem to be
> included in the Mint 17 distro (well not in mine anyway).

Ah! Now that would be consistent with my earlier report. 

I'd already installed build-essential some time before to get some of my
own software to re-compile. So, yes, that could explain why I didn't
encounter a problem here with making RPCemu.


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