[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.8.12

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Thu Oct 23 23:50:57 PDT 2014

Dave Symes, on 24 Oct, wrote:

> Good day folks, a little problem and I wonder if anyone has some
> inspiration...
> I have a test RPCEmu 0.8.11 install running RO 5.20 it runs and boots okay
> I have a test RPCEmu 0.8.11 install running RO 5.21 it runs and boots
> okay.
> I have now added a RPCEmu 0.8.12 to each of them and neither a 5.20 or
> 5.21 version will run under 0.8.12
> It runs as far as the startup window containing the following before
> stopping.
> RISC OS 136MB SA10-110 Processor Error: Use *Desktop to start TaskManager
> (Error number &81F403)
> As per usual doing a *Desktop I get a small Emu RO window.
> Obviously no startup boot has been processed so clicking on the HostFS
> drive icon produces, "Filingsystem or path HostFS: not present".
> Similarly  "*configure filesystem hostfs" doesn't work either because...
> "Filingsystem or path HostFS: not present"
> Quit RPCEmu.
> If I now run the Recompiler811.exe on either the 5.20 or the 5.21 versions
> it now runs through the boot and presents a correctly running RO.

If just the new bits are being copied into the previous installations then
poduleroms needs to be included in the copy, only copying the exe's is

Hope that helps.

David Pitt

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